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Coconet like srilanka and India


Coconut like srilanka and India

  • Coconut is a tree growing on tropical landscapes like Sri Lanka and India.

  • All parts of the coconut are useful. Specially coconut is the main place in south Indian cooking,

  • a coconut tree can grow up 30m. It has no branches. The peak of the top 4 to 6m long.

  • Can not grow in the Sandy ground and grow coconuts and salt water.

  • It grows well in a place where good rain and sunlight are available.

  • Coconut is grown in more than 80 countries around the world.

  • Coconut production is 61 million tonnes annually.

  • Indonesia the Philippines and India are always at the forefront.

  • Coconut is grown in the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh in India.

  • The protein system from coconut is very suitable for the human body

  • .Fatty Acid in coconut helps dissolve bad cholesterol in the body.

  • , There are many essential nutrients in this coconut.

  • , Moreover, cocaine acids and larynx acids in the coconut are also likely to lose weight.

  • , You can find out what the benefits of taking coconut like this are.

Coconut like srilanka and India

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How to make screen lock and letter name

How to make screen lock and letter  name

phone password Tired of the old patterns and a Password Lock to lock your mobile gesture lock screen is the solution.

  •  The  A unique gesture lock screen on my Android.
  • The Draw letter and draw number and draw the shape and draw signature a draw contextual gesture to unlock.
  • Presentation Gesture Lock screen password for silence opens all your favourite applications enclosing The  A fastidious password  Any motive and who want some creative application A enclose the application to start.
  • With his finger gesture on reduction navigation from one program another by simply drawing a gesture with a finger on your device.
  •  The Gesture lock screen is the best way to secure your data and your phone with gesture or password.
  • Gestures phone  Lock screen password for a silence opens all your favourite applications enclosing The fastidious password or any motive and who want some creative application enclose the application to start.

Similar name:-

  1. Gesture Lock Screen
  2. Letters Lock Screen
  3. Signature Lock Screen
  4. Signature Lock

 Features of Gesture Lock Screen: -

  • PHONE Use your saved gestures signatures as your phone lock screen password.
  • The Enter recovery password or backup password to unlock (key lock) (gesture lock screen).
  • The Enter the password in the gesture lock screen to change gesture
  • The Edit Draw gesture on the password (gesture lock screen).
  • Add, remove and edit gesture.
  • phone wallpapers +20 HD wallpapers for the lock screen or choose your favourite wallpaper from the gallery.
  • phone Show the date/time on the lock screen.
  • The Set your own text with font and colour adjustment on the screen lock.
  • An Enter recovery password to disable the screen lock.
  • A Battery percentage % indicator.
  • The Set a customer ringtone as unlocking, lock, error sounds.
  • this Set your favourite photo as background of the gesture lock screen.
  • the And many more features for free!
  • The Customize the recovery password (4 digit passwords) in the gesture lock screen.
  • Launched its an application in the new track by drawing gesture on the screen
  • The phone best Show app notifications on lock screen: unread messages, missed calls, music player, the alarm
  • Lock Set Default and background from the mobile gallery on your screen.
  • How to use Gesture Lock Screen:-
  • phone Install a gesture lock screen on your phone
  • phone Create your gesture (signatures, shapes, letters or anything…) to unlock the phone.
  • The Enter your password (4 digit passwords) for security.
  • master password for security purpose
  • phone Lock Screen is an amazing application, it’s free. Download gesture phone lock screen and draw to unlock your phone.


The is a Lock screen detects when the signature on the lock screen with your signature a be created and saved. 
The Lock screen detects when the signature on the lock screen with your signature to be  a created and saved.the a  You can set each element as the symbol of the star, Triangle, scribble, Heart, Square, Circle phone, (etc.) record and save, or phone you can create a signature or a number as a password to unlock your phone.

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Best phone Panasonic mobile P85 Price Rs 4999

Panasonic mobile P85 Price 4999 best phone

panasonic P85 summary
Panasonic P85 smartphone was launched in May 2017. The phone comes with a 5.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720x1280 pixels display

Panasonic P85 is powered quad-core a 1GHz processor. It comes with 2GB of RAM.

The is a Panasonic P85  Android 6.0 and is powered by a 4,000mAh non-removable battery.

As far as the cameras are concerned, the Panasonic P85 on the rear packs 16-megapixel camera. It sports a 4-megapixel camera on the front for selfies.

Panasonic P85  packs 16GB of inbuilt storage that can be expanded via microSD card (up to 64GB). The Panasonic P85 is a dual-SIM (GSM) and any sim smartphone based on Android 6.0

Connectivity options on the Panasonic p85 in an include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Headphones, FM radio, 3G, and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India). panasonic p85 Sensors on the phone include accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and proximity sensor.

The a Panasonic P85 measures 145.00 x 72.20 x 9.35mm (height x width x thickness) and weighs 146.70 grams. It was launched in Grey and Gold colours Panasonic p85

As of 25th May 2019, Panasonic P85 price in India starts at Rs. 5,499

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Snapdragon 730 Processor is coming soon India is the realme smartphone


The smartphone will soon introduce Snapdragon 730 processor smartphone.

Realme Brand recently introduced the Real 3 Pro smartphone in India. It was reported that Realme Brand would soon introduce a new smartphone named Realme X in China.

In this case, the realme X smartphone will confirm the proof of Indian standards. (Bureau of Indian Standards - BIS). With this, the release of Real XI India is almost certain.

Earlier this smartphone was certified in China's TENAA website. Pieces. According to the evidence, the smartphone with RMX1901 and RMX1945 model numbers is said to be Realm X variants.

The Realme X Series is the first Realme smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 Processor. Includes 6.5-inch noteless display, pop-up cellphone camera, backside dual AI with Real X smartphone. Camera, In-DisplayPort fingerprint sensor is provided.

48 MPs with respect to its primary camera And 5 MPs It seems to have sensors. Android 9.0 powered OS based colour os. 6.0, 3680 MAH. Battery and VOOC 3.0 are said to be the fastest charging facility.

New Realm smartphones will be introduced in China and will be introduced later in India. It seems to be introduced in China by May this year.



Hai friends today I will share.
The company has announced a Rs 4,000 reduction in the price of a smartphone in India.

The company has slashed the price of its A3S smartphone in India. 2G smartphone RAM and 3GP The price of the RAM variant has been reduced. The Paro A3S smartphone base variant is available at Rs 7,990.

Prior to the A3S 2 GPS GPS RAM, 16 gps Memory Model Price at Rs 10,990 and 3GP RAM, 32 gb Memory model was introduced at a price of Rs. 2 GB after current price reduction The price of Rs. The price of the RAM has been changed to Rs.9,990.

In terms of features, the A2S smartphone will have 6.2 Inch HD. Plus 19: 9 DisplayPort, SnapTragon 450 Processor, Color OS. 5.1 based Android 8.1 Oreal OS. Take a photo of 13 MPs Primary camera, 2 MP The second primary camera, 8 MP Selphie Camera and Ai Beautiful features are provided.
                                                 IN COMPARISON THE SMARTPHONE IS PRICED AT RS 4,000 IN INDIA

This is a special dual SIM slot, micro SD. Card slot and 4230 mAh. The battery is provided. The launch of the Paro A3S smartphone in India last year was launched in August last year.

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As of late, mobile application development has been developing quickly, both regarding incomes and employment scopes made by that field. This article is all about the concise outline and diagram of relentless Android, the most rising mobile application development stage now a days.

The article shows an unmistakable looking at picture why engineers should think about creating Android over other mobile stages. Additionally, an abnormal state review of various layers of Android engineering stack and parts of fundamental structure squares of an Android application are talked about here. In the event that you are an Android excited, as to play with code and would love to make astonishing applications with it, how about we plunge into the profound Android sea!

History of Android

We as a whole know today, Google possesses Android, isn't that so? Be that as it may, what a number of us know the back history of Android? Indeed, there was an energizing history behind the present Google featured Android OS. Android Inc. was established in October 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. What's more, do know the interesting part? Android was Andy Rubin's moniker for his attraction of robots. They were endeavouring to fabricate an OS for advanced cameras around then.

All things considered, later history is gigantic. How about we check some key purposes of that history to all the more likely comprehend the situation. Rubin and his group later moved their consideration towards cell phone as of computerized camera's short market openings. Later his companion Steve Perlman syphoned up Rubin's work with $10,000 money.

In 2005, Google purchased Android Inc., later Rubin and his group gave themselves to fabricate a mobile gadget stage fueled by Linux Kernel. In November 5, 2007, Google officially reported the development of Android OS. Android Beta was discharged in that day, this November 5 is Android's birthday.The first business variant, Android 1.0(API dimension 1) was discharged in September 2008 pursued by SDK(Software Development Kit) discharge in the same month. First official codename "Cupcake" (Android 1.5, API level 3) was discharged on April 27,2009. We know the later history pretty much, serially it was(by codename)- Donut(1.6), Éclair(2.0), Froyo(2.2), Gingerbread(2.3), Honeycomb(3.0), Ice Cream Sandwich(4.0), Jelly Bean(4.1), and now the latest KitKat(4.4).

Pause, most likely one thing we have to know more. Shouldn't something be said about the popular adorable logo of Android? Do any of you even consider it or know anything where it originates from? All things considered, in short, it originated from the celebrated Star War robot R2-D2. The current logo was structured by Irina Block however Dan Morrill planned some before forms of that logo.

Prior to Beginning

This article is only the start of up and coming Android development instructional exercise arrangement following this one. So for development or you can peruse for coding an android application, you need great knowledge on JAVA and OOP, just to feel good with the Android stage. In the event that you believe you don't have enough knowledge no issue, set aside some effort to learn JAVA and OOP.

Welcome to Android

Lastly, welcome you to the glamorous Android World. Do you feel eager to have an incredible begin? How about we burrow inside.

What is Android?

All things considered, theoretically, you can mean a robot with human appearances yet technically it is an open-source working framework dependent on Linux part, presently claimed and kept up by Google, was constructed chiefly for cell phone and tablet gadgets. Remember one point alongside it, right now Android is the world's most mainstream mobile OS. Do you see the pattern of cell phone applications all over the globe? Indeed, you can consider Android is that change, who is driving from the front.

Why Android?

Yes, at this stage presumably you are figuring why you ought to create applications in Android, what's the advantage over other settled mobile OS in the market. Certainly, you are a decent scholar!

How about we think carefully

- Android is an open-source OS, so it is free and open to utilizing.

- You should think about your app's worldwide circulation, isn't that so? There are a number of parts of the reality where another mobile OS is in no match with Android's popularity(Consider China and other Asian nations, where 90% of the cell phone's OS is Android).

- Android covers a wide scope of hardware made by various producers. So developers certainly have their favourable circumstances to utilize those hardware highlights.

- Statistics of 2014 stated, Android has 80.2% cell phone market share and 75% mobile application developers are creating apps for the Android stage. So do you feel the heaviness of the market of your next-app?

- You can utilize your everything advancement apparatuses for nothing and can create in your home with your pc(no matter you have a Macintosh, windows or Linux).

- On Startup what prerequisites do you expect while distributing your app? A sensible measure of designer enrollment charge, wide app dissemination channel, greater network and so forth.


- Android will give them all. Google

Play(Android app's greatest market) engineer

enrollment just requires $25 to open record,

unreasonably simple for apprentices contrasting and other

mobile stage's market.

- User input is a significant point on the off chance that

to increment app quality. Android has a major.

gathering of people under its rooftop, you will get extremely brisk

reactions from them in the wake of distributing your app.

- This legitimately drives you to improve your app execution.

- More or less developers or software engineers know java and has an idea on OOP. So it's far simpler for them to get habituated in an android stage in most brief possible time instead of other mobile stages.

- Android has a major designer network as well. On the off chance that you face an issue while composing your code, you will get prompt reaction from them which is extremely useful for a beginner.

- Android gadgets are modest contrasting and other mobile stages. As a designer, you will regularly need to test your app in a genuine gadget before distributing it to a market. Around then, without a doubt, you will feel great with Android at its modest cost.

Review of Android

Android Architecture Stack

You can consider Android OS as a product stack of various layers. Each layer is a gathering of program parts and gives various administrations to the layer simply above it.

Android engineering stack composed of 4 primary layers :

- Linux Kernel

- Libraries alongside Android Runtime

- Application Framework and

- Applications

- Linux Kernel

Positioned at the base of engineering stack and essential layer of the Android framework. Never associates with developers or clients yet give a dimension of deliberation between gadget hardware and other engineering layers.

How about we check the functionalities of this layer to comprehend it's significance:

- Memory Management

- Power Management

- Hardware Abstraction

- Process Management

- Device Management

- Security Settings

- Network Stack

- Hardware Drivers

So this layer makes the OS moderately easy to us finishing all these profound works, would it say it isn't?

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OnePlus 7 Pro Booking Startup in Amazon
Booking for the OnPlus 7 Pro smartphone on Amazon India website.

In the international smartphone market, the company's OnePlus 7 Series smartphones are much expected. In this case, the new flagship smartphone has been launched on Amazon India website. The new smartphone will be first offered to smartphone booking.

A special webpage has been opened on Amazon India to book a new smartphone. Buyers of the new smartphone will have to buy a Gift Card worth Rs.1000 from May 3 to May 7.

When purchasing this gift card will be sent to the registered email address. Within 60 hours of the sale, you need to purchase the OnPlus 7 Pro smartphone. When purchasing a smartphone, the gift card will be reduced from the price of the smartphone.

After successful payment, Rs. 15,000 screen recipients option is offered. This insurance is valid for the first six months from the purchase of the smartphone.

On May 8th, customers can directly go to the One plays Store, Chroma or Reliance Stores and bookmark the Oneplus 7 Pro smartphone. Screen recipients are also provided for this reservation.

The launch of the Oneplus 7 Series will begin on May 14 at 8.15pm.

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Twitter isn't a bull horn or a stage. It's not, in any case, a channel. It's a systems administration occasion. Any individual who discloses to you generally is selling something. 

Twitter is the least expensive approach to send a text to someone keen on you. It's the most straightforward method of discovering breaking news that is applicable to you. It's the easiest approach to meet a big name.

Twitter isn't the primary stage. It's the behind the stage. What occurs over espresso and up close and personal, while others are rubbing elbows and dropping business cards on tables.

On the off chance that you are going to utilize this apparatus to have any kind of effect in people's lives — even your own — you would do well to observe these qualifications. Something else, what you're stating don't tally. You're just adding to the commotion.

Flag versus commotion

Social media is more about social than the media. It generally has been. Since the sky knows there are simpler approaches to drive traffic and draw in a group of people. There are a million better strategies for getting your substance to read.

No, my companions. This isn't about communicating. Twitter is about the relationship that prompts discussion, and the other way around. Truth be told, most media that issues is nowadays.



What Is Twitter and How Does It Work?

Twitter is a mix of social media, blogging, and messaging




Delineation of a Twitter page with data about the administration in the channel

Livewire/Emilie Dunphy

by Paul Gil

Refreshed April 22, 2019


Twitter is an online news and social systems administration website where people impart in short messages called tweets. Tweeting is posting short messages for any individual who follows you on Twitter, with the expectation that your messages are valuable and interesting to someone in your group of onlookers. Another depiction of Twitter and tweeting may be microblogging.

A few people use Twitter to find interesting people and organizations web-based, selecting to follow their tweets.

Why Twitter Is So Popular

Notwithstanding its relative oddity, Twitter's huge intrigue is how to check amicable it is: You can follow many interesting Twitter clients and read their substance with a look. This is perfect for our cutting edge consideration shortage world.

Twitter utilizes a deliberate message measure confinement to keep things examine amicably: each microblog tweet section is restricted to 280 characters or less. This size top advances the engaged and astute utilization of language, which makes tweets simple to output, and testing to compose. This size limitation made Twitter a well known social instrument.

How Twitter Works

Twitter is anything but difficult to use as either telecaster or beneficiary. You unite with a free record and Twitter name. At that point you send communicates (tweets) every day, hourly, or as often as possible as you prefer. Go to the What's Happening box, type 280 or fewer characters, and snap Tweet. People who follow you, and possibly other people who don't, will see your tweet.

Urge people you know to follow you and get your tweets in their Twitter channels. Tell your companions you are on Twitter to gradually develop a following. At the point when people follow you, Twitter behaviour calls for you to follow them back.

To get Twitter channels, discover someone interesting (big names included) and press Follow to buy into their tweets. On the off chance that their tweets aren't as interesting as you suspected they'd be, select Unfollow.

Go to your record at day or night to peruse you are The Twitter channel, which is continually changing as people post.

Twitter is that basic.

Why People Tweet

People send tweets for a wide range of reasons: vanity, consideration, improper self-advancement of their website pages, or straightforward fatigue. The incredible lion's share of tweeters microblog recreationally. It's an opportunity to yell out to the world and revel in what number of people read their tweets.

Nonetheless, a developing number of Twitter clients send out helpful content, and that is the genuine estimation of Twitter. It gives a flood of speedy updates from companions, family, researchers, news writers, and specialists. It engages people to wind up beginner columnists of life, portraying and sharing something that they discovered fascinating about their day.

A great deal of hot air is on Twitter, and yet, there is a base of helpful news and educated content. You'll have to choose for yourself which content merits following there.

Twitter as a Form of Amateur News Reporting

In addition to other things, Twitter is an approach to find out about the world through someone else's eyes.

Tweets may originate from people in Thailand as their urban communities become overwhelmed, from your fighter cousin in Afghanistan who depicts his war encounters, from your voyaging sister in Europe who shares her day by day revelations on the web, or from a rugby companion at the Rugby World Cup. These microbloggers are generally smaller than expected writers in their own specific manner and Twitter gives them a stage to send a steady stream of updates directly from their workstations and cell phones.


Twitter as a Marketing Tool

A large number of people publicize their enrolling administrations, counselling organizations, and retail locations by utilizing Twitter, and it works.

The cutting edge web wise client has become worn out on TV notices. People incline toward publicizing that is quick, less nosy, and can be turned on or off voluntarily. Twitter is actually that. When you figure out how the subtleties of tweeting work, you can get great publicizing results by utilizing Twitter.

Twitter as a Social Messaging Tool

Truly, Twitter is social media, yet it's more than texting. Twitter is about finding intriguing people the world over. It can likewise be about structure a following of people who are keen on you and your work or diversions and after that furnishing those supporters with some information esteem each day.

Regardless of whether you are a no-nonsense scuba jumper who needs to share your Caribbean experiences with different jumpers or you are Ashton Kutcher engaging your fans, Twitter is an approach to keep up a low-upkeep social association with others and perhaps impact other people in a little or huge way.

Why Celebrities Like Twitter

Twitter has turned out to be a standout amongst the most utilized social media stages since it is both individual and fast. Big names use Twitter to fabricate an individual association with their fans.

Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, and President Trump are a portion of the acclaimed Twitter clients. Their everyday updates encourage a feeling of connectedness with their adherents, which is incredible for promoting purposes and furthermore convincing and propelling for the people who follow the celebs.

Twitter Is Many Different Things

Twitter is a mix of texting, blogging, and messaging, however with a brief content and a wide group of onlookers. In the event that you extravagant yourself somewhat of an essayist with a remark, at that point Twitter is a channel worth investigating. In the event that you don't care to compose however are interested about a VIP, a specific leisure activity point, or even a missing cousin, at that point Twitter is one approach to interface with that individual or theme.

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How to investment bitcoins

After the demonstration, there was a big craze for cryptocurrency in India. Now, what's this? We may say this as a digital money 1Bitcoin in India equals to 885388 rupees. The technology here used was Blockchain technology and Encryption techniques. As a common user without intense computer knowledge, it is difficult to understand it's working. The thing which we invest other than money here was trust.
 Here the whole system was standing on the pillar of trust, sending money to an unknown person. There was no proper regulatory authority for this system. some countries started to regulate this virtual currency and others like China blocked this as an illegal. Till in India, it is neither illegal nor legal. due to the toothed stance, this is used for illegal activities such as drug trafficking and others. There was no one to give a guarantee for our money here.
There were a lot of technical issues here by using a simple and old method such as spoofing and phasing hackers can interrupt in our transactions. As we say there was an increase in the number of users the same suits for fraudulent also. If the user makes a single mistake in address then there was faded away in air camphor as the receiver is unknown and no regulator here. Another mean fraud is creating a fake website and making money. In recent time we had seen a lot such incidents such as cash coin, lakshmicoinsetc.,
Even without hackers, we may lose our money here, if our system's memory crashed then the user lost his wallet with his whole money except if he has his backup In any hardware or something. As a whole other than user with detailed computer knowledge and awareness about all these issues, we can't say this means of the transaction as safe.

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Facebook is a social system service and website, which was propelled in February 2004 by previous Harvard student of psychology, Mark Zuckerberg, and his school roommates and individual students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Imprint Zuckerberg (while he was studying at Harvard) ran Facebook as one of his leisure activity projects with some monetary assistance from Eduardo Saverin.

Did you realize that:

- Facebook, with its 900+ million users, would be the third largest country on the planet?

- each 7.76th person on the planet has a Facebook account?

- Facebook is the most visited page on the web?

- Zynga's Texas Hold'em Poker is the most well known

diversion on Facebook?

- Facebook's esteem is over $100 billion?

- the most developing country on Facebook is Brazil?

- 80% of companion requests are acknowledged?

- Facebook Mobile has more than 500 million Monthly

- Active Users, North America has a 32% share with 161.7 million?

- the most losing country on Facebook is Indonesia?

- Asia, has 17 times a greater number of users than Australia and Oceania?

- Bangkok is the city with the most Facebook users?

- Los Angeles International Airport is the most checked set up on Facebook?

- Facebook needed to call the "Like" catch the "Awesome" catch?

- Google merited a fourth of Facebook's valuation when it first opened up to the world?

- Facebook used to be designated "The Facebook"?

- Moskovitz had total assets of $3.5 billion and toppled Zuckerberg from the title of world's youngest billionaire, is just eight days more youthful? 

A course of events of Facebook History




There are in excess of 900 million Facebook users from most of the countries all through the world (for real Facebook stats, please visit this page).



Facebook opened up to the world, opening on the NASDAQ with shares exchanging at $42.05 (a valuation of Facebook went around $115 billion). Sadly, the Facebook (NASDAQ) stock cost immediately dropped to under $29.




Following a $1.5 billion round of financing in January 2011, the company was esteemed at $50 billion.




October 1st, 2010, the motion picture The Social Network was released, covering a story about the founders of Facebook (coordinated by David Fincher and starring Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake). The motion picture has gotten very positive reviews from film critics.



Facebook authoritatively turned into the world's fastest developing company when it surpassed 500 million dynamic users in 2010. Notwithstanding, before Facebook turned into an outstanding and worldwide company delivering millions in income, a ton of bigger media companies endeavoured to get Facebook. There have been a couple of attempts by significant companies to purchase Facebook, some asserting that they would offer as much as** $2 billion dollars** for the world's second most well-known website, however, Zuckerberg has always refused to sell.




Facebook has almost 350 million users.



Russian company Digital Sky Technologies has propelled a delicate idea of $100 million to Facebook's employees.



Russian company Digital Sky Technologies invested $200 million into organized shares in an estimated estimation of $10 billion. Afterwards, the company kept on purchasing Facebook's shares and is one of the largest institutional shareholders to date.



Facebook has presented another capacity called 'Like' and has achieved 175 million users.



Facebook has coordinated into CNN Live and has achieved 150 million users.




The quantity of Facebook users achieved 100 million and it was apparent that this development would proceed for the years to come.



Facebook has presented the 'Talk' work.



Facebook sponsored a presidential discussion alongside ABC News station.




Facebook achieved 12 million clients.



Facebook has introduced Facebook Ads.



Microsoft declared that it had obtained a 1.6% offer of Facebook for $240 million. This esteemed Facebook at over $15 billion and made it the fifth most important US Internet organization, anyway, Facebook just had $150 million in yearly income.



Microsoft drew closer Facebook, offering an expected $300– 500 million as a byproduct of a 5% stake in the organization.

Different organizations, including Google, communicated enthusiasm for purchasing a bit of Facebook.




New capacity of 'Sharing' has been introduced and kept running on 20 accomplice sites.



Facebook was opened to general society.



Microsoft and Facebook made a vital association in incorporating publicizing standards, making Microsoft an essential accomplice for promoting



Genuine arrangements among Facebook and Yahoo examined a conceivable obtaining of Facebook. Hurray endeavored to gain the organization for $1 billion dollars and reports showed that Zuckerberg made a verbal consent to sell. A couple of days after the fact, Yahoo's stock cost took a jump and the offer was brought down to $800. With this new value, Zuckerberg rejected the arrangement. Hurray later offered $1 billion once more, this time Zuckerberg quickly turned down the offer and he proposed that Facebook is esteemed at $8 billion.



Facebook got $25 million in subsidizing from Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital, just as past financial specialists Accel Partners and Peter Thiel. Before accepting this subsidizing they were esteemed at about $525 million.



Facebook purportedly declined an idea of $750 million from Viacom.




Facebook had procured 6 million clients and had achieved Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.



The capacity of photograph exhibitions has been introduced and Facebook has begun to include systems of global schools.



Facebook extended its system to incorporate secondary school students on the off chance that they got a welcome from a current client. This participation additionally extended to incorporate workers from a few organizations like Microsoft and Apple.



The URL of the social system The facebook (www.the was diverted to the authority Facebook landing page and the name was at long last changed to "Facebook".



The first non-Americans to utilize this social systems administration site were students of 21 colleges in the United Kingdom. Soon after, Thefacebook spread to 30 grounds all through Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands.

New capacities – Wall and Groups – have been introduced.



The Facebook wound up consolidated and started extending to the remainder of the world.

Facebook's base camp has been moved to Palo Alto, California.

Friendster endeavored to get Facebook for $10 million, fruitlessly.

Facebook got $12.7 million in subsidizing from Accel Partners with a valuation around $100 million.


                                      facebook seandnews
The new form of the social site, The Facebook, was introduced by three sophomores at Harvard – Mark Zuckerberg, and his school flatmates and individual students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. The name of the social system started from college pamphlets named "Facebooks." These handouts are distributed to first-year college students to urge students to wind up familiar with each other. This new social systems administration framework for college students empowered them to stay in touch with companions and schoolmates at their establishment just as others that were enlisted. As the principal social systems administration site, The facebook helped them to discover old secondary school companions, look into profiles of schoolmates, get help with homework. Likewise, students had the capacity to promote of numerous kinds, fabricate an arrangement of new companions, spread the news about shows, book deals, and understudy associations, and so forth.

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Honda Amaze with the Automatic Gear Box Comfort

Honda Amaze with the Automatic Gear Box Comfort

Honda has introduced the Amaze car with the automotive gearbox in India.

The 2nd generation model was introduced in May 2008 in Honda's popular manufacturing Amaze model. Amaze has sold 85,000 units since its launch in India. From this, it is possible to feel the best reception.

Amaze's car contribution is 46% of Honda's automobile sales. The Amaze VAX with an automated gearbox facility. It has been released as a premium model running on petrol and diesel. The price is more than Rs.41,000 more than the existing model.

The automotive model offers a 7-inch touch screen, Android Auto, Apple Garbage, and connectivity features. Plus a USP Port facilities are also provided. This is equipped with a rearview camera.

There are voltage controls in the steering wheel. You can run window glass doors near the driver. Along with this, the existing facilities include key-entry entries, auto-calibration and power window.

The company expects the amaze reception of the automaker gear facility. Honda Amaze VX in India The price has been fixed at Rs 8.57 lakh.